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Donors to Our Cause

Below is a list of organisations that have provided donations to help our cause. Also included are individuals who made large donations

William Williams make our Christmas
William Williams Have again been very generous to the group at a time we really need donations.
Our group has been going for over 35Years but that is no where the length of time William Williams have been helping people,we are so grateful.

Friends of Blandford Hospital Donation
We are most grateful for a very generous donation from the friends who are always keen to support local groups like ours.
We have been going for ever 30 yr=ears now and we need financial support at the moment.

Nathaniel Parker so generous.
we thank Nathaniel Parker so much for his generous donation and wish him well with his life and career,he has been very kind to us.

Local man Wilf
we thank local man Wilf for his donation and support over the past few years, it is so nice to know that local people support a group like ours

The Big Lottery Fund
The Big lottery Fund have been kind enough to help cover the costs of trips out for us and the weekly events we have.We are most grateful to them.

Hall and Woodhouse come up trumps for us again.
We are so pleased that Hall and Woodhouse have donated £100 vouchers towards our christmas raffle, they have shown again that they support valuable local groups.This is the third year running that they have helped,they supported us please support them.

Many thanks to the Portman Foundation
yet again the Portman Foundation has been very generous to the group and we thank them for the special efort they have made to help me with the paper work,so many thanks.

Many thanks to Greggs for the support
As a small group we are so thankful to Greggs the Bakers for thier generous support to a much needed support group.

Blandford Town Council Helps again
Blandford Town Council has been so very generous to help keep our worthwhile group going it is so pleasing to see that they support local groups.

Great Dorset Steam Fair
we are so thankful that for the second time Great Dorset Steam Fair has chosen to support us with tickets for our raffle,many thanks.

Sir David Jason
Sir David has been so kind in making a donation in aid of our raffle later in the year we thank him so much.

Bamber Gascoigne FRSL
Bamber Gascoigne FRSL has been very kind and made a cash donation we thank him so much.

Dame Vivienne Westwood
Dame Vivienne Westwood has made an amazing donation to our group through our paypal donation button and we are so thankfull that someone of her standing has valued our group in such a generous way.

The Blandford Lions
The Blandford Lions have been kind enough to make a very nice donation to the group,this is the second time they have helped us and we thank them so much,apart from helping us they help so many other groups in the area.

The Charity of William Williams
The Charity of William Willaims were the first donors to help us back in 2014 and we are very pleased that they have chosen to help us once again, we as a group thank them so much.

Joanna Trollope OBE
We thank Joanna Trollope OBE so much for her generous donation towards our raffle, apart from being a terrific author she has a caring heart for those in need.

Private Eye Editor Ian Hislop
really nice donation of a tie worn by him on Have I got News For You and a signed photo which we will auction


Generous Donation by Friends of Blandford Community Hospital
Generous Donation by Friends of Blandford Community Hospital, Mac McLaughlin finance and projects group chairman has been so helpful to the group yet again,with a donation to help towards the finance of the coming year and we are so grateful for thier help.


Musician Paul Weller from The Jam
Paul Weller has been so very kind as to donate a lovely music collection to the group a great item for the group,we just say cheers to him

Barbara Broccoli OBE
I had the pleasure to meet Barbara and her father many years ago and she has now been kind enough to make a massive donation to aid the groups suvival

Dame Penelope Keith
Dame Penelope kindly donated an item for our up coming raffle and this will make a worthy prize.

Jilly Cooper OBE
Such a nice note from Jilly and a welcome donation we are very happy to have her help

Highcliffe Castle
Highcliffe Castle have yet again been kind enough to donate one year family membership we are most thankful.

Moonfleet Gifts and Jewellery
For a second year Paula of Moonfleet Gifts and Jewellery in Blandford has shown that it is proud to support local Mental Health groups with a generous donation of superior bespoke jewellery.We thank this local business.
and wish them well for the christmas Season.
We recommend them for your Christmas Gifts and Gifts throughout the year.

Julie Walters CBE
it is amazing to me that so many kind people will help the group and we thank Julie Walters CBE so much for her great donation, her work speaks for itself so does her generosity.

Simon Drew very nice donation we thank him

Paul O'Grady many thanks for your donation for our raffle
we thank Paul for his gifts.

J.Mato and Sons Ltd Blandford
Yet again Simon Mato has been very quick to support our group and we thank him for supporting a local group We thank the best Butcher in Blandford for his backing.

The Allen Lane Foundation
The Allen Lane Foundation have been very helpful to us with financial support and we thank them so much.

Anne Robinson
Anne was very kind in sending us an item to sell for support of the group

Sir Quentin Blake
We thank this famous illustrator for his generous donation

Anonymous Donation by one of Britains Great Stars
Anonymous donation of £100 from one of britains Great Stars we thank her so much and respect her privacy.

Empire Cinemas
we thank Empire Cinemas for helping us yet again.

Thanks to Chris Tarrant OBE
Chris has been very generous as we understand how many people ask for his help yet he has donated to us.

Hall and Woodhouse
We are most grateful to Hall and Woodhouse for a donation of £100 of vouchers for their establishments and products.

Author Alan Bennett
We thank author Alan Bennett for a very thoughtful donation

Emma Thompson
Such an amazing donation of a signed book and a very generous cheque we thank Emma So much for this.

Frank Auerbach Etching
We thank Frank Auerbach much for his generous donation which sold today at Dukes of Dorchester for £1200.
We thank Dukes for waiving all fees.


Barchester's Charitable Foundation
Barchester's Charitable Foundation has been so supportive with a most welcome cash donation and we thank them for keeping the group going.

Jo Brand
We thank Jo Brand not only for her generous donation but for the uplifting letter of support

Sir Peter Blake
we thank Sir Peter for his very generous donation

Sir Derek Jacobi
the wonderful Sir Derek Jacobi has so kindly made a very generous donation to the group we are so grateful.

First Great Western
First Great Western have kindy donated 2 open anytime return train tickets to the group for sale or for our christmas raffle, we thank them so much.

David Suchet CBE
The wonderful David Suchet who has thrilled us with his amazing screen performances over may years and hopefully many to come has shown the caring side to his nature with a very generous donation to our group. We thank him so much for the support he has given our small but worthwhile group.

Wonderful Joanna Lumley OBE
So grateful for such a large donation from a warm hearted lady who already does so much for others

Sir Ian McKellen
we thank Sir Ian for such an amazing donation from such a stellar artist

The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation
The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation has been extremely generous to us enabling us to keep the group running.We thank the trustees so much for their support.

Viscount Portman Trust
We thank the portman trust who normally donate to specific areas but have made an exception due to their close connections with Dorset.

Friends of Blandford Community Hospital
Friends of Blandford Community Hospital have made a very generous donation to the group and we always thank them for thier support

Stephen Fry
We thank Stephen Fry for his support of our group and the kind donation he has given us.

Richard Drax MP
we thank Richard Drax an MP from our county for a generous donation, he also is a Patron of a mental health charity in Bournemouth

Sir Ranulph Fiennes Bt OBE
it is such a pleasure for us that Sir Ranulph Fiennes Bt OBE has been so kind as to make a generous donation in support of our group.

Sir Stirling Moss
Thank you for your encouragement and the item you sent us.

Imelda Staunton OBE
Thank you for your kind gift, the group is always grateful.

Western Digital

Very generous donation from Western Digital who make very good products,we thank them so much for supporting us.

Dorset Community Foundation We thank the Foundation so much for thier support.

Small item from Zoe Wanamaker CBE
Many thanks for your warmest wishes and autograph

Gracious Donation from Mrs.M.D Rosenthal C.B.E (Maureen Lipman) welcomed donation from one of Englands brightest stars, thank you for supporting a very worthwhile mental health support group.

Kind Cash Donation via paypal button from David Kincaid
so grateful to Mr Kincaid for his generous cash donation via the paypal button, we value his support .

Dame Judi Dench
We thanks Dame Judi for the item to go toward our raffle

Bishop of Salisbury
We thank the Bishop for such a helpful donation to such a worthwhile group.

Southwest Foundation
Very grateful for the donation and support given to us

many thanks for the generosity of Maria from Ryan Cout
Maria has selflessly given so much for us to sell to raise funds for the group, it is not often you come across someone of her character.God bless you Maria

Shaun Byatt MBE
With thanks for your donation and your continued practical help.

Blandford Forum Town Council
Blandford Town Council very generous donation of £400

Ivan K Smith cash donation
Ivan K Smith Ph.d generous cash donation via our Paypal button

Moonfleet Jewellery

generous donation of sterling silver earrings form a very Prestigious shop who are always a support to the local community

Boot Chemist Blandford Forum

Blandford and District Lions

The Really Useful Group
2 tickets for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Great Dorset Steam Fair
Generous donation of 12 Adult tickets

Hotel Du Vin & Bistro Poole

Blandford Stour Rotary Club

Duke's Auctioneers
Their Services to sell the Grayson Perry Artwork.

Liberty's Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre

Moors Valley

Knoll Gardens

Abbotsbury Swannery

Farmers Parmers

Crazy Monsters

Wookey Hole

J Mato and Sons

Blandford Health and Beauty Centre

Hall and Woodhouse

Empire Cinemas

Brownsea Island Ferries

Longdown Activity Farm

First Great Western Trains

Montacute House

Highcliffe Castle


Williams and Williams Trust

Larmer Tree

Art Stable


Kew Gardens

The Hambledon Gallery

The Eden Project

a very generous donation of family tickets

Wilton House

Bournemouth International Centre

House of Sarunds

Grayson Perry, Artist Original Line-Art Drawing

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